About CyCLE

Over the last decades climate change induced increase in lake water temperatures in Latvia has led to intensive blooming of potentially toxic blue-green algae and a possible transfer of their toxins through the food chain, ending up in fish species used for human consumption.



  • To investigate the impact of intensive blue green algae blooming on the chosen demonstration lakes’ ecosystem functioning, stability and biodiversity.
  • To inform local municipalities and different social groups on the progress and the outcome of the project.



A holistic survey of the impacts of climate change on two lakes’ ecosystems will be carried out. The research will be focused on the consequences of blue-green algae blooming. To evaluate the survey consisting of ecosystem’s food chain, physical-chemical characteristics, production and accumulation of blue-green algae toxins in the food-chains, researchers will use innovative methods.  To raise the awareness of the lake’s ecological situation and the impact of climate change on it, the project team will organize the communication and publicity activities for local municipalities, environmental professionals and broader society.